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Lisa Simone - Koch Records (NY)

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Lisa Simone - Koch Records (NY)
Lisa Simone had just recorded an album with songs originally recorded by her mother Nina Simone. One song 'Black Is The Colour' didn't quite have the right sound to it and so Michael and Roni were flown in to the Star City studio in Pennsylvania to re-produce this iconic song. The original big band horn arrangements were made by legendary jazz producer Bob Belden and were the only elements used from the original recordings in this new version of what Oprah Winfrey called in her in O-Magazine 'a new interpretation with a sexy groove'. Michael layed down the piano track as if Nina herself was present at the recording, as Lisa would later compliment him. Again a tremendous honor to work with the daughter of the legendary Nina Simone.
A year later Michael Waters and Roni Morgan were flown in again to NY (Sound Mine Recording Studio's) to work on Lisa Simone's second album for which Michael composed, wrote and produced various songs. During these sessions they worked with members of 'Pieces of a Dream' (Grover Washington's band).
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