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Billy Preston - Preston Music Group (LA)

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Billy Preston - Preston Music Group (LA)
During a business trip to Los Angeles, Michael Waters and Roni Morgan met with Billy Preston, jammed with him in his home based studio and discussed the details of working closely together with the Preston Music Group.
Billy Preston at the time just having received an ASCAP Lifetime Achievement Award was looking to expand his roster of composers and songwriters. When Billy toured through Europe with Eric Clapton a year later, he stopped by the Soul Planet studio to compose a song with Waters and Morgan.
Michael finished the composition and lyrics later and recorded the song with their in-house artist Brown Hill for his debut album. The song 'Daddy's Caddy' was played to Billy over the phone by Billy's manager Liz Moore when Billy had just passed into a coma from which he never woke up. It was a tremendous honor to have been able to work with such a genius musician and composer/ songwriter.
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